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Design your life. Create time and financial freedom for you and your family.

More About Us

Freedom is the New Wealth

We are Ben and Rebecca Pazdernik. The journey to financial and time freedom is unique to each individual. For us, we have strived to create a lifestyle in which we do not punch a clock in a physical location in order to meet our financial needs. We understand the value of leveraging our efforts and this affords us the ability to work with individuals around the world seeking the ability to create their own time and financial freedom while doing something we can be proud of.

We have created several successful businesses in our life together. Our greatest success has come since 2010 when we etablished this business and a quality team of financial partners and leaders. We have received multiple awards for philanthropy and leadership. We have a proven track record of guiding others toward achieving their financial goals.

Do you want to create a legacy worth leaving behind? Do you want to have something to offer to others, to contribute for the benefit of all? Do you want to realize your dreams and make a difference? Knowing that you want it and taking this first step towards fulfilling your dreams is half the battle. You can have it all. You can work when and where you want with people you like. You can be part of something greater than yourself while creating the life you've always wanted. You just have to be willing to make the committment, be coachable, work hard, stay the course and never give up.

How It Works

Creating Your Freedom


Find the right financial vehicle. One that takes advantage of long term powerful global trends.


Be coachable, open-minded and willing to learn a new approach to securing your financial future.


Learn to duplicate yourself and thus leverage your efforts and time.


Stay the course and never give up.

Escape your 9-5.

Create the life you've dreamed of.

Don't miss your opportunity

We are currently looking for people to personally coach and teach them a step by step process for creating financial freedom.

Create financial freedom today

The lifestyle of your dreams awaits. Are you willing and ready to make them a reality?

Work anywhere in the world

From the beaches of Brazil to the Swiss Alps. All you need is an internet connection and a phone. You decide where you want to be

Lifestyle Creation

What You Need To Know

Start anytime, anywhere

You can get started and be successful from wherever you are in the world.

No experience required

No need to have any previous experience. we will guide you step-by-step.

Mobile friendly

All you need to get started is a phone and access to the internet.. It's as simple as that.

Create true freedom

Create true time and financial freedom for you and your family. Do what you truly love.

Hot trends used

We will show you the latest, hottest trends of what's working now.

Crafted with heart

It's our dream to help others achieve their dreams. We will go the extra mile to help you achieve yours and match the efforts you make.

Create the life you've always wanted today.

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